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Why Buy From Mila?


High quality handmade Tibetan Rugs at a price you can afford!

Our Clients deserve only the best!

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  • Why buy Mila Rugs?

    QUALITY & PRICE! We are able to bring our finest hand-knotted Tibetan rugs to you at a price no-one else can offer, yet we don’t compromise the quality or the integrity of our rugs. We guarantee that the high quality of our rugs is equal to or better than other higher priced handmade rugs on the market today .

  • How do we do it?

    NO MIDDLEMEN! All our rugs are imported directly from our own manufacturing unit in Kathmandu, Nepal. Because we buy our rugs directly from the source, without any middlemen, we can offer you exquisite handmade rugs at a price that fits even the smallest budget.

  • Who is Mila?

    Our team has been working for over 20 successful years as the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of hand-knotted Tibetan carpets. Our main retail store is based in beautiful downtown Boulder, Colorado, where we work directly with customers, Interior designers and architects. Our rugs are also shipped directly to our customers and retail stores all over the United States. Every rug we weave is of the highest quality, because our clients deserve the best! Our professional staff of carpet designers, dye masters and weavers take great pride to create a wide-range of rugs to bring beauty and comfort to your home and office space. All rugs are woven with 100% pure Tibetan wool with hints of other natural fibers like silk, alpaca, nettle, hemp, banana silk fiber, etc. The high quality of our Tibetan rugs ensures that you will be able to enjoy your handmade rug for years to come!